Therapy is for everyone

October 5, 2020

I have always been a person, who has never been herself for like 90 per cent of her life. I had no confidence, absolutely none! I made a lot of wrong choices in my life that gave me almost three and a half years of a rough time with a cumulative effect. All my life I have been incredibly self-conscious, so much so that my thoughts consumed me and affected my life to a large extent. For the most part, I felt that I didn’t fit in but what I have now realized is that you don’t need to fit in, you have to just be yourself unapologetically and give time to people to warm up to you. You can’t force things to happen.

I came to know about the idea of taking therapy with the film called Dear Zindagi like a lot of others and it took me two years to actually give it a shot in true sense.

With a lot of courage, one day  I took the decision of finally taking it and I messaged Gargi, the founder of ihealgood that I needed help. Needless to say, this journey of self-discovery has been so magical for me, I just can’t express it in words.  What I learnt during my time of growth is that bad times are transient and a reminder of our strength, they leave us with life lessons and immeasurable growth. The worst times of your life when nothing seems to go right, your every relationship is bad, no one apparently understands you, everyone gives up on you and your career is on stake is an opportunity to work on yourself and not wallow in self-pity. In short, it’s a roller coaster ride. Taking counselling made me realize that it was all worth it. I have seen such a low point in my life that now I think I will always be prepared to take on any type of bad circumstances and upheavals and all thanks to taking counselling.  Though I am still marching on the path of reaching there I am sure I will reach there one day. I can’t thank this process of counselling more for being such a magician.

Guys, go for it. Take a step. It might seem scary on the outside but it’s just so amazing! Therapy is for everyone, like literally everyone

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