When to seek help?

August 5, 2020

Here’s a list of eventualities when you should seek help from a Mental Health Professional.

1. You feel excessive sadness, there’s hopelessness, excessive isolation and no will to live.

2. If there’s serious change in your mood states.

3. You can’t stop your thoughts most of the time.

4. You have problem in sleeping.

5. You worry too much about small things.

6. Your worrying is causing you stress and anxiety.

7. You’re unable to move forward after the death of a loved one.

8. You’re unable to move on after a break-up or a divorce.

9. Your friends and family are seeing drastic changes in you behaviour.

10. You compulsively do actions you don’t want to but feel you have no control.

11. You are preoccupied with your weight that you’re eating too less.

12. When you’re eating food but vomiting it out immediately so as to not gain weight.

13. You are unable to talk to people in a social gathering.

14. You have a learning disability.

15. When your child’s behaviour isn’t progressing with his age.

16. You want to talk to some trained professional who can guide you to lead a better life.

17. You are finding it difficult to tackle stress in your life.


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