Hacks for a good night’s sleep.

September 26, 2020

Did you know? Lack of sleep is more dangerous than starving. It is so important to clock in some decent slumber time to remain happy and healthy. Sleep deprivation can have serious impact on your mental health and in the long run is bad for your body. So here are few simple steps to incorporate in you daily life to achieve a better night-in.

1. Have a set daily routine.

2. Your sleep time should be same every day so that your body automatically prepares for sleep.

3.  Dim your lights 45 mins before sleeping to give your body signals for inducing sleep.

4. Take a warm shower, it relaxes stiff muscles.

5. Listen to calming sleep music.

6. Do some light yogic stretches.

7. Read something light and not too cognitively challenging or practice colouring, it has a calming effect on the mind.

8. Do a body scan. Start from your toes till the top of your head, relax each muscle as you mover up.

9. Keep your screens away 30 mins before going to bed as the blue light emitting from gadgets reduces sleep hormones.

10. Try to free journal your thoughts and list your successes for the day no matter how big or small. This helps us feel satisfied and at peace.

11. Get into some night time meditation.

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